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anotherboywholived: Bloody brilliant blog! If you fancy saving yourself some work (albeit deviating from the format) I'm somewhat known within the fandom for being the mind palace guy; if you go on my 'about me' there's a link to my tutorial. I pretty much worked it out for myself a few years back so I'm rather curious as to what you think, as someone who seems to understand far more about such science than I.

Thank you for both the comment and the offer! I checked out your tutorial and you are spot on. Very well written as well. I recommend heading to your blog to all my followers. Sometimes rereading in another form helps preserve memory retention of the lesson as well. I appreciate the offer but I am writing this blog for myself as well as others and I will be adding the peg system and other mnemonic methods for those who cannot grasp the visualization of Loci. Therefore, I must go over Loci first and work my way out. It helps my thinking process ( much like talking to the skull or John) As I am a scientist I must follow this process or my thoughts become disjointed.